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Adalyn Felix
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Raewyn Felix(mother)

Olwena Kyffin (Great Aunt) John Felix (Father; Desceased)

Status Alive; 17
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6"
Affiliation self
Powers Acid Generation
Weakness Water
Missions none


Born august 17th, to a mutant welsh woman, named Raewyn and an american man studying in Wales, Dr.John Felix. She lived in Wales until she was seven. She moved to Pennsylvania. When she was eight she got in a bad car accident. She was fine but Dr.Felix died. She moved into a small, dilapidated apartment with only a kitchen a bathroom and a living room/ dining room/ bedroom.In third grade, Adalyn was diagnosed with dyslexia. In school she had to read a passage aloud. Kids laughed and called her an idiot and she heated up until acid flowed from her fingertip, poison liquid ate away at the pages. Some girls [Lia and Jana] started calling her a freak. They went from hip length hair to chin length hair. Raewyn went to a friend's house and let Adalyn go to the basement to play with her friend's daughter. When she got to the basement she found the girl was Jana. Jana shoved her in the closet and she melted down the door. When they went to eat dinner she put non-fatal poison in Jana's food. Jana collapsed. Raewyn used healing abilities to wake her up and Jana's mother "branded" them as freaks. Due to public torment, they moved to Wales to live with Raewyn's wealthy aunt, Olwena in a town riddled with mutants. Adalyn was finally happy, for now. But, she became more destructive as she got older. Harris Jacobson, a mutant man with a similar ability trained her to keep in control, until he was killed by a gang of humans against mutant peace. Adalyn killed two of them and nearly killed one. Then she met Wynona Jacobson, his daughter. They became friends and when Wynona found out of the institute, Olwena payed to send them both to America and the institute.


She is Talkitive, sarcastic, witty and outgoing

Powers and WeaknessEdit


  • Acid generation


  • Water; Too much of it can block her abilities.