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The Character
Name: Adrian Chevalie

Mutant Name: Electrode


He was born in Paris, France but came to America when he was a baby with his grandparents after his parents were murdered. He never knew about mutants until he grew gills after falling in water. Then his grandparents told him and he thought that it was awesome. Then he found his ability to control the weather. He never noticed it at first but eventually he just thought that it was strange that ever time he got angry it was stormy and every time he was happy it was sunny. But one day his grandpa was diagnosed with Lung cancer and died about a year after. His grandmother was very old and did not feel that she would be able to care for him much longer so she sent him to the institution.


He has short brown hair with brown eyes. He is 6 feet.


  • Reactive Adaptation- He can adapt his body to survive.
  • Electric Manipulation- He can manipulate electricity.


His main weakness is energy. Because it is not found naturally like ice, plant, or anything like that his ability of adaptation doesn't work on energy attacks. His other weakness is aging. He is not immune to aging.