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Alice- -aka Blizzard
-Professional Ice Skater

The snow is so beautiful this time of year, as it always is...
Alice Vixin
"Fashion isn't just about outfits and clothing, it's about expressing yourself!"
Ice Mutant
Professional Ice Skater
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Peter Vixin (father;alive) Mystique (mother;unknown fate)
Status Alive; 16
Eye Color bright blue
Hair Color pure white (a side effect of her powers)
Height 5'6
Affiliation The X men, Her family, Alaska
Powers -
Weakness Fire, fire can destroy her if it gets close to her, eventually killing her powers and her.
Missions -


Long before Alice was born, Peter Vixin, a normal human, was a famous explorer in the artic. He went on more expeditions to Antarctica than any other person in the 1980s. Peter later moved to Alaska, because he couldn’t get used to warm tempetures, and settles down where he met Alice’s mother. Not much is known about Alice’s mother, other than she was a shape shifter and very sneaky. As soon as she gave birth to Alice, she disappeared for good. Peter was heartbroken and didn’t know how to take care of a child. He did the best he could, which was more than good enough for Alice, for she loved her father. When Alice was nine years old, her powers set in, and her father grew worried, having had problem with her mother. Alice’s powers were ice and snow, but to a very high level, and she was located through cerebro by the X men a few years later. Her father sent her off to the Xavier’s institute to be trained, but gave her a necklace with a silver snowflake charm on it, to remember him by.


Alice’s appearance changed from her powers, she grew very light skin and pure white hair. Her eyes were more blue, bright and vibrant. She wears silver jewelry and hoops earrings, along with white clothing, heavy coats and white tights.


Alice is very girly and loves shopping. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself or friends, but overall is very nice and friendly. Alice enjoys ice-skating, shopping for winter coats, cheerleading (even though she froze the football friend once in Alaska), and hanging out with friends. She loves to smile and laugh. Bottom line, she is a very peppy, girly, and bubbly person.