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Asher was born in the city. He was a normal human for the entity of his childhood, so he avoided discrimination. When he turned 21, he enlisted in the army and was later assigned to a delta force squad code name "Silver Fire". He went with his squad into the middle east.

In the first week of fighting, his squad was assigned to take out a number of long range missiles, while another squad was to defend their flank. However, the second squad took many casualties, and were unable to get to their point. Asher's squad went on, however and managed to destroy the missiles.

As the squad retreated, one by one, the members were killed. Eventually, only Asher remained. He stayed behind enemy lines for months. This was when his powers manifested. He could survive explosians, knife wounds, falling from 3 story buildings. He was almost invincible. He even took a bullet to the chest, and managed to survive.

Soon, he found a number of pow's that were to be executed. He managed to rescue them, and they were found by other mariunes. He was given a Medal of Honor for his actions, and his fallen squad mates were also honored.

When he returned to the states, he became a drunk. He blamed himself for the deaths of his friends, and was angry at himself for not discovereing his powers sooner to save them. For the next 10 years, he drifted between jobis and lived on the streets. He remained a drunk until he was found by Photos. Photos, helped him get through his emotional pain and he overcame his problems. He was later contacted by Photos to come to the school as guard and wilderness survival teacher.


Very serious, professional and suave. He is a bit flirty. When it comes to important think, he devotes entire mind to making the most logical decision possible.


Enhanced Strength and Speed, His bones and skinare tougher and are able to stand up to a lot of damage. He has superhuman reflexes and survival instincts.