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Austin Young
Instant Strength
Important Information
Gender male
Family Tyo Young (Father)

Kim Young (Mother)

Status Alive, 20
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White
Height 6'5"
Affiliation myself
Powers Powers
Weakness Read weakness
Missions a few


He was born in Chicago. Austin was the cool kid of his grade. He was strong, fast, funny, and street smart. When he was in 10th grade he was going to the superbowl but he forgot his ticket. He was thinking of his room and was suddenly there. He grabbed the ticket and pictured the car. It happened again. He then realised he is mutant. He went to the school and graduted. He needed to make money so he didn't join the X-Men. He worked odd jobs never keeping a job for more than a week. Then he was called by Photo, who was in a higher grade in school, who asked if he could become be a teacher.


Super Strengh, Teleportation, Technopathy.


He has white hair and brown eyes. He has abs and a lean build.


He is a cool guy that likes to mess around. He knows more about technology than most and is a car person. He loves cars. He hates being called Mr. Young or Mr. He likes to be called Austin.


He can't teleport out of stone. If there is the smallest crack he can get out but if closed in completely he can't teleport. He can't use his strength when he is super hungry.