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I-4 west at US 27 blank sign

Welcome to Bayville!Edit

First time or back here again? It doesnt matter! Bayville is one of the most beloved towns in the mid west! Here, you will find amazing food, wonderful shopping, and captivating shows! Your entertaining possibilities are endless! Now, here's a short message from our mayor:

Dear Citizens,Edit
I assure you a wonderful stay here at Bayville. I also promise to get rid of this mutant Problem! It has spread rapidly through our town and currently we are trying to locate the source of the problem. Until then, if you see a mutant please contact the MRD as soon as possible! Fear not, we will make the town of Bayville a safe enviorment for everyone.Edit
Sincerely, Edit
Mayor Henry GrahamEdit

Places in BayvilleEdit

Bayville Main Street

Bayville Town Hall

Bayville Mall
  • Bayville Town Hall
  • Bayville High
  • Main Street in Bayville
  • Xavier's Private Prep School in Bayville
  • Bayville Shack

Bayville High


Starbucks at Bayville Mall

Xavier's Private Prep School

Bayville Shack

Bayville/ Theater

Bayville/Wendy Mcking's Taco Hut