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Shack 1

The outside of the shack

Shack 2

The shack basement


[[|Xavatron V5]] [[|-aka X-Robot]]
-Robot replica of Xavier

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Ah, hello mutant.

You walk up to the abandoned shack and see a small note on the ground saying: Dear reader downstairs in this shack is the only place you will be protected from the protectors.

You do not understand until you see another mutant from the Institute go downstairs. You follow him and see what the shack truly is.


Welcome, students to the Bayville Shack, the only safe place for mutants to use their powers in Bayville. The Shack will also provide you hiding if the Protectors of Humanity ever see you use you powers, for only someone with mutant blood can enter. The shack was designed by Charles Xavier and has the same functions as the danger room. It also has a lounge to relax in, and a technology room, filled with 135 computers in total. There are 12 rooms, each for different things.


Medical Room

Practice Room


Technology Room

Food and Drink Room

Weapon Storage


Armor Storage

Pet Room

Art Room

Entertainment Room

Xavatron's Office