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Bayville Lake during Winter and late Fall.

This is the famous Bayville Lake. Located two miles out of town. this lake is frozen during the winter and late fall, and acts like a large swimming pool in the early spring and late summer. In the winter, there is a small ice skating booth, where people can rent ice skates and buy drinks and snacks. During the summer, people set up a tire swing and jump in the warm lake. This is a public lake, so please use it as if it were your home (that means with respect). Mayor Henry Graham approves this message.

It is currently winter time at the Bayville Lake.Edit

Ice skate rental/drinks and foods boothEdit

Ice skate rentals - all sizes - 10.00 half day 20.00 full day - Buy one pair of ice skates get one FREE.

Food and Drink Menu:Edit

Hot chocolate - 2.39

Smores - 2.50 for four

Apple Cider 2.39

Large Cookies - .99 each

Large Brownie - 1.20 each

Water - FREE

Employees at BoothEdit

Alice Vixin (sometimes works day/night shift)

Caleb Vinem  (night shift only)