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Brady Johnson
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Camille Johnson - sister
Status Alive, 17
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'1"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers N/A
Weakness Concentration
Missions N/A


Brady -aka Inferno
-Living Hellfire

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Camille, Brady's sister.

Brady was born in 1994. He grew up like a normal child with 1 older brother, Sean, and 1 younger sister, Camille. Sean was much older than Brady and Camille and was slightly distant from them. Brady andCamille had a very close relationship. When Brady was 8, his parents and Sean died in a car crash. Brady and his sister were sent to a local orphange. They spent 2 years there when a couple came to adopt Brady and Camille. Brady and Camille’s new parents took them back to their home. They lived with the couple happily but still missing their real family. When Brady was 16 and Camille was 13, they moved with the couple to a new town. One day Brady was playing with a lighter. He kept flicking it on and off, watching the flame. As he flicked it on, his fingers slipped and he dropped it. The flame touched his hand and his hand was engulfed in flames. At first, he panicked but then realized it didn’t hurt him. He experimented with the lighter everyday and managed to control his power. After a few weeks of playing with his newfound power, Camille told him about hers and he told her his. She was able to lift things that even he couldn’t. They decided to tell their foster parents about their mutations. Their foster parents were horrified and told them to leave. Brady and Camille packed their bags and before they left, Brady stole some of their foster parents’ money. On their first night on the streets, they split up looking for a place to sleep. As Brady searched, he found a sewer. He tried to open the lid but it was stuck. He lit his hands on fire and melted part of the metal and lifted the lid off. He went back to the place where he and Camille planned to meet and tol her about what he found. They spent the night in the sewer. After wandering around for a week, they found a brochure for Xavier’s Institute. They found their way there and were accepted.


Brady is brave but impulsive. He doesn’t usually think before he acts. He relies on Camille to think things through. He is protective of Camille and his friends.


Fire Manipulation - He can manipulate fire but can't create it.


Brady's weakness is concentration. It's hard for him to concentrate, making it harder to control his power.