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This character belongs to Slagars band

Brandon "Sand" Cracker
Fantasy CG Character wallpaper i-chen lin 20 Smoking Man
me all smart
The Mexican Mutant
Important Information
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Sandy
Hair Color Light brown
Height 2.32m
Affiliation Himself
Powers ....
Weakness See Weakness
Missions not at the moment

Code Name:Sandflow


Brad was born in Mexico, Tampico. He liked to go to a Resturant every day until he was attacked by some rouge mutants. After they thought they had killed him, some mutant who had a healing gift healed him. Unable to understand he fainted. The next day he woke up in the Xavier Institute and was told everything. When he tried to use his powers he accidentally covered the garden he was in with sand.


He has a very calm attitude. He is Stuborn, outgoing and (at his enemy's) unforgiving. He likes too read but also plays sports.


  • Can make tools or weapons out of sand, only to fall back to the ground as sand when not in use
  • Can control sand
  • Able to create a small sand storm
  • (This can only be done if he is surrounded with sand) can turn into sand
  • Sand travel (he can only go somewhere with sandy mud or sand)
  • Is able to make objects with sand (more for special, self gain things)


Light brown hair but with sandy coloured eyes. Likes to dress in a polo shirt and combat shorts


Large amounts of fire, metal and sonic waves