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Caitlin -aka Bansi
-Sonic Scream

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Caitlin Pennington
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Important Information
Gender Female
Family Emmett Pennington - father

Coleen Pennington - mother

Status Alive
Eye Color Pale blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Sonic Scream


Weakness If she screams too much, she is unable to use her voice
Missions None yet


Caitlin is a quiet girl, usually keeping to herself. She is sometimes stubborn and can be hot headed. But once you get to know her, Caitlin is out going, creative, and friendly.


Caitlin was born to Coleen and Emmett Pennington on December 7, 1995. Coleen and Emmett loved their little daughter dearly, but they noticed whenever she screamed or yelled, her voice was louder, and had a higher pitch to it. As she grew up, her scream became louder and more high pitch. It also caused more damage then ever. After an accident at school, her parents made her promise to not use her power in public, because they were afraid they would be known as the freak family. But soon afterwords, Caitlin noticed that when she screamed, she could determine where objects were in her environment. Telling her family this, her brother suggested she go to the school where she could learn to control her powers. Her parents refused. They didn't want their daughter to be treated like a freak so they continued to tell Caitlin to keep her powers a secret. After Caitlin's 15th birthday, she was grabbed by a strange men, who started to drag her away. Terrified, Caitlin screamed, and a wall near them fell over and the poor men dropped her, covering his ears the best he could. Running home, Caitlin explained to her parents, who finally understood that Caitlin needed to go to the school.


Caitlin is kind of short with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She usually wears sunglasses because she feels like it.


Caitlin can't work well under pressure. She also doesn't have a lot of self-esteem or self-confidence. Also, if she screams too much, her voice becomes hearse and she's unable to use her voice.