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Camille "Cam" Johnson
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Brady Johnson - brother
Status Alive, 14
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'4"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers N/A
Weakness Weakness
Missions N/A


Cam -aka Lightspeed

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Cam's brother, Brady.

Camille was born in 1997. She grew up like a normal child with 2 older brothers, Sean and Brady. Sean was much older than Brady and Camille and was slightly distant from them. Camille and Brady had a very close relationship. When Camille was 5, her parents and Sean died in a car crash. Camille and her brother were sent to a local orphange. They spent 2 years there when a couple came to adopt Camille and Brady. Camille and Brady’s new parents took them back to their home. They lived with the couple happily but still missing their real family. When Camille was 13 and Brady was 16, they moved with the couple to a new town. This was about the time Camille began to notice her mutations. She was able to lift things that even her brother couldn’t. She told Brady and. in turn, Brady told her that he had control over fire. They decided to tell their foster parents about their mutations. Their foster parents were horrified and told them to leave. Brady and Camille packed their bags and before they left, Brady stole some of their foster parents’ money. On their first night on the streets, they split up looking for a place to sleep. As Camille searched an alley, a man tried to rob her. He pulled out a switchblade and stabbed at her but Camille had moved out of the way faster than anyone could have. She knocked out the man and ran back to the place she was supposed to meet Brady. They managed to find a sewer that they could spend the night in. After wandering around for a week, they found a crumpled brochure for Xavier’s Institute. They found their way there and were accepted.


Camille is shy and quiet. She can be really fun to hang around sometimes. She is a good listener and is great at keeping secrets. She is always aware of her surroundings and extremely cautious.


Superhuman reflexes - she reacts faster than any human. Enhanced strength - Although, she's 14, she's as strong as a grown man.


Telepathy - if a person is strong enough, they can slow her reactions.