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Name: Carter Anthony

Mutant Name: Geo


Carter -aka Geo

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Geo was adopted as soon as he was born, which was a good thing because his parents were killed right after he left. He grew up with his foster family and when he was 13 they told him about his real family. They didn't know that he was a mutant though. He was walking home from school one day and his friend texted him and told him to come to his house. But he knew he had to go home. He wished he could be in two places at once. Then he astral projected to his house, his foster parents were stunned and they kicked him out of their house hold. He is now 14.


He is a very mysterious and peculiar person. He doesn't open up to just anybody. He likes to be bottled up all by himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Geokinesis- Geo can manipulate the earth and things pretaining to it.
  • Astral Projection- Geo can project his mind and conciousness to another place.
  • Levitation- Geo can hover in the air.


Geo cannot control the earth if he is not touching it. For example if he was levitating he can not control it. He also is more affected by wind and users of aerokinesis while levitating. Also when he astral projects, his real body falls lifeless to the ground.