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Christo -aka Flyp
-Mercenary / Clone of Nightcrawler / X-Ops Team Leader

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You need me or something? If not, beat it.

Christo Weiss
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Teleporter / Black Ops Mercenary
Clone of Nightcrawler
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Laurel St.Germaine (Genetic Mother)

Dr. Hans Weiss (Surrogate Father)

Nightcrawler (Genetic Father)

Status Alive, 23
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Blue-Black
Height 6' 0"
Affiliation United States Military

Secret Service


Black Ops

Powers Teleportation, Vortex Creation, Interdemensional Teleporting, Extreme Martial Arts
Weakness Too much tleportation
Missions None with the X-Men


Christo Alexandre Weiss was created from the isolated genetic mutant gene code of Nightcrawler. His from and building code was created from two candidates; a male soldier that remained anonymous and a female candidate named Laurel St.Germaine. With the help of the doctor who founded the program, Dr. Hans Johan Weiss, Christo was placed inside Laurel's womb and she carried him for ten months, rather than nine, because of the enhanced genetic building structure would take longer. When he was born, Laurel became attached to Christo. She wanted to name him Christopher Alexander St.Germaine, but Dr. Weiss decided to name him after himself, mildly angering Laurel. She tried to help in raising him and to participate in as many procedures as possible, to be close to him. When Christo became eight years old, Dr. Weiss began to put Christo through several training practices and educational practices. Dr. Weiss finally relinquished his for seen plan: Christo was to become the ultimate military assassin. He named the project, Project Abrafo. Christo was dubbed Abrafo I. When Christo turned nineteen, he was enrolled into the Black Ops training facilities and graduated two years later. Christo's first mission was to kill a rogue soldier who was hiding out in Nepal. Christo and a few other mercenaries hunted down the rogue soldier and murdered him, only to find out that the soldier was a scientist who was working on a proof serum for destroying the mutant gene. After a few more missions and assassinations, Christo became fed up of the innocent blood he'd shed. Christo confronted Dr. Weiss one night, to find to his horror, his mother being beaten by Dr. Weiss. She has been asking him to release Christo into her custody when Dr. Weiss had become enraged. Christo was so furious that he killed Dr. Weiss and saved his mother. After two years of hiding, Laurel suggested that Christo find the Xavier Institute for better training.thumb|300px|right|Christo's Anthem


Christo is very cold-shouldered. He likes his solitude and is sometimes very desolate. He has few friends. He likes to listen to classical and dark music and also goth-rock, to drown out his sorrows.


Christo has pale blue skin, glowing yellow eyes and long, shaggy blue-black hair as well as a small ponytail. He is extremely athletic and muscular and is always in top condition. He has the same feet as Nightcrawler and a spiked tail but has ten fingers and toes instead of eight.


Christo can create vortexes and teleporting warps from the palms of his hands. He has an extremely sinewy body, therefor he is an excellent acrobat. He has excellent night-vision and can teleport as far as half-way around the globe at a time, without him needing to be present in the warp.