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Corina Durand
Annie Wendla-1-
Bonjour, mon amie!
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Cole Jefferson (father)

Colette Durand (mother)

Status Alive, Single, 17
Eye Color Sky Blue
Hair Color Light Brunette
Height 6'0
Affiliation Self, X-Men
Powers Powers
Weakness A sonic airwave or scream affects her ability and distracts her, making it incredibly hard to concentrate of on using her powers
Missions None yet


  • Able to take things that aren't solid and can't be walked upon, etc, (things such as water and air) and make it seem as if they are solid (ex: if she puts her hands on the surface of water and pushes herself up, she can use the water surface like gymnastic bars)
  • Able to reverse this effect, and take solid things and make them seem unsolid (ex: a wall, and if you put your hand on it you'd fall right through as if it were water)
  • Has the natural mutant healing factor


Born to a mutant Frenchwoman, Anne Durand, and a human man, Cole Jefferson, she seemed to have inherited Cole's humanity. She was raised in the countryside of France, happy with her parents, and being a natural lover of water and gymnastics.

Her mutant abilities came one day in the warm summer when she was nine. She pretended that the water's surface were like gymnastic bars, and she pushed herself up, but--she actually lifted herself up. Cole and Anne, watching Amie, were delighted that their sweet daughter was a mutant. They supported her in everything, and in the countryside there were many families with mutants, so she wasn't bullied much.

When Amie told her parents she wanted to practice her powers, they suggested she apply to go to Xavier's School for the Gifted. She's excited to meet other mutants and train her powers.


Sweet and kind, she laughs and giggles and smiles a lot and is quite friendly. She loves to chat and shop, and she's quite skilled at gymnastics and swimming. She could be classified as a "girly-girl" yet she can get offended a bit quickly.