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Dove Prince
Important Information
Gender female
Family Dr. Meredith Prince (adoptive mother)
Status alive; seventeen
Eye Color hazel
Hair Color brown
Height 5'6
Affiliation self
Powers see powers
Weakness see weakness
Missions none yet


Dove was a baby, being mutated in a lab, her DNA fused with a dove's. she was given a horrible series of tests and a nurse/ scientist in training snatched her from the lab, horrified by the cruelty. Her name was Dr. Meredith Prince. She was just promoted form an intern to a lab assistant. She was a fugitive, untl the goverment learned she took the baby and found out of the illegal usage of DNA fusing.Dove was raised by Dr.Prince as a daughter. They lived in a small town in nebraska, in a small, comfortable house, where Dove stayed undercover until kindergarten, Dr.Prince made a special coat where she could fold her wings under, and allowed her to go to school. She wore the same sweater everyday, except on the north side of town, where there was a huge wall and some small, abandoned buildings and she came there to be alone. she took of the sweater and sat around, but mainly, she wrote poems on post-its and put them on the wall. By fifth grade, the wall had a post-it yellow band, four tall and all the way around. That year, someone (Maxwell Darby and his twin sister Jordyn) confronted her. They asked, "What's up with that sweater?" and tore it off. She flapped her wings and threw a punch at them, but htey fought back. She went home with a black eye and a split lip. She moved in to an abandoned house in the north side of town and she transfered to the other school in the district. In ninth grade, she saw a band of "mutant exterminators" but kept hidden until they left. When she returned to school, she met Alexander Southsun, and sooon went out with him. When the "exterminators came back, they tried to shoot her but Alexander jumped infront of her and was killed. His last words were, "don't be mad at yourself, move on." she moved on alright. right on to New York. She found out about the institute and went to it, to be safe.


She is bright and friendly, yet has a dark layer, which comes out in anger, sadness and fear and is evident in her poetry.


She can shift into a dove, dove wings


she can shift uncontrolabally with extreme emotions

Her in dove form