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{e-l-air-a}you pronounce it like that
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Elara (2)

Elara -aka Calypso
-hippie girl

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I can't wait to meet everybody
Elara Georgette
Elara (2)
Controller of plants
Hippie Girl
Important Information
Gender Feamle
Family Just my parents
Status alive, single, 15
Eye Color hazel/green
Hair Color Brunette
Height 5"11
Affiliation The X-men
Powers Can control and bend plant to my will
Weakness Fire
Missions none yet


I grew up in a small town in Virginia. I lived with her parents, everything was going perfect for me, I had straight A's, was the caption of the mixed Soccer team,and I was a black belt in Ty Quan Do, well everything was perfect until that dreadful Monday. It was a normal day for me, I was walking to Soccer practice, today was my 15'th Birthday, and I couldn't have been happier. When I got to the feild where I would practice ith my firneds, I started to warm up. My friend Kye came over, "Hey come on let's practice" "Hey chill give me a sec" i finished stretching and went to practice. When they started practice I got the ball in there mock game, but then Kye got it from me and I lost balance and fell, but instead of hitting the ground the ground caught me from falling and put me back on my feet. Everyone stared, "Um did any of you see that?" Kye stepped forward, "Dude what was that are you some kinda of freak or something, wait your a mutant!" I tried to reason with them I thought they would undersatnd they were my best freinds. But nobody would listen all they did was back away in terror. I ran to my house, and told everything to my parents and they took me to the The Xavier School, to learn how to use my powers


Brunette hair

hazel/green eyes

5"11 so tall

and fair skinned


I am a really energetic person, and is extremely sweet, I love to help people out, and I'm never mean to anybody, unless they hurt one of my friends, then I would stand up to jerk and fight them in a heart beat not holding anything back. She pretty much a normal teenager, well except for the whole mutant, powers thing but you get the idea. She apologizes a lot, mostly because of sympathy for someone. She thinks that everything is her fault because she doesn't think others are at fault. She want's to make everyones lives easier and better, she's a hippie, she belives that war is bad, but she would fight if it was to protect her friends. She's a strick Vegetarian, go figure right? XD

She isn't found of having pwers, and wishes she never was a mutant. She misses her firends from back home but can't go see them. Whenever someone ralks to her about her powers she gets kinda aggitated and twitched, but hides it from friends.


Fire, it's really bad for me, because well fire is horrible for plants air-go it's horrible for me.I can't even be 10 feet from a camp fire with out getting a little singed. And if someone burns one of th eplants I am controlling I get badly burned

Also I have discovered I have aweakness towaards Ice, not Water, Water is fine but I ice is killer to me no pun intended


Florakinesis- The ability to control and create plants: I can control plants, but to an extent,I can't like move hills, or make the earth swallow somebody up, I can make plants/flower/vines grow, I can control vines, also tree branches stuff like that


Jace Drake - I introduced myself, we taked I got burned, ah fun, were friends

Meg Murray - we both can control plants but in different ways, were friends

Tamara Eldenburg-' She seems like a good person, and a good friend

Caleb Vinem - His powers are my weaknesses, he seems like a nice person though

Alice Vixin- She seems really nice.

Chad-my boss at gamestop

Fun Facts:Edit

  • Plays Guitar
  • Plays Piano
  • Has a brother, but he isn't a mutant
  • Grew up in a small town
  • Can ride a horse
  • loves to paint
  • Favorite band is sweetwater 1969
  • Doesn't show it but she is in denial about her powers and wishes she could get rid of them/never have gotten them in the first place, but she will never tell anyone.
  • my old town
  • my old car, man I love that thing :)
  • I learned I was a mutant, friends betrayed me, all of it happened here
  • a drawing I did for a friend
  • In my small town I actually had a horse, and here he is,Smokey
  • This is what happens when me and some friends try to escape somebody
  • my power over branches/roots
  • Whenever I'm happy these start to grow by me, weird huh?
  • Me and my hippieness
  • one of my paintings
  • My pendent with the symbol of earth/plants on it.
  • My old guitar, my brother gave it to me a while back.
  • My piano it was passed down generation to generation it's 100 years+
  • This is a portrait of me
  • This is the book I'm always reading