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Geoffrey -aka Ghost
'Gladly Transparent'

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Don't be worried about getting capered or fooled when I'm invisible. I'm not that type of troublemaker
Geoffrey Hoster
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mother, Father
Status Alive, 17
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'0"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Invisibility
Weakness See 'Weaknesses'
Missions N/A


Geoffrey Hoster was born somewhere in southern England on the 8th of November 1994. He went to a boarding school and had many friends. As he grew up, he became quite shy.

When he was 11 years old, he was out to dinner with his parents. He went to the washroom where he looked into the mirror. Suddenly, his hands started to slowly fade away. After about 10 minutes, both of his arms were completely invisible. He started getting worried and ran out to tell his parents. By the time he arrived at their table, only his hands were invisible. His parents sent him to the doctor multiple times, but they never knew what was wrong with him. Even with this, Geoffrey was never affected by it and he was in no pain. He learned to manage his new power just a little bit, but sometimes, it could still just randomly turn him invisible.

His parents drove past the academy one day and Geoffrey received a pamphlet to the academy. His parents supported his powers and he, without hesitation, went to enroll at the Academy.

Personality Edit

Geoffrey is friendly guy, but is quite shy. Although, he does have an outgoing personality around those close to him, such as friends and family. He's not afraid to speak out and does not have a bad temper, so he usually forgives others easily and hardly gets very angry. He is also quite athletic, can blend in (duh, he can go invisible), and is very skilled with survival, traps, etc.


Geoffrey's power is invisibility. He can go invisible if he does it right and concentrates hard.


  1. Hard impact on his body disables his invisibility (example: When he gets knocked back really hard while in his invisible form, he turns back to normal and stays like that for a few minutes before he can turn invisible again.)
    1. Although he may be invisible, you can still hear him and smell him. He's quite clumsy, so he's bad at sneaking and can be heard/smelled even in his invisibility form.
  2. If Geoffrey gets way too dirty, you could see him because dirt, mud, dust, etc. cannot go invisible.


  • He gets his mutant name from, not only his power, but also from the first letter of his first name and the first four letters of his last name: Geoffrey Hoster = Ghost
  • He actually dislikes being called 'Geoff'. For some reason, he prefers to be called Geoffrey or Ghost.
  • When he's ready, Geoffrey considers joining the X-Hunters, but he doesn't exactly have that 'beast like appearance' although he can go invisible and is good with traps.
  • He can fight but not as great as all the others.
  • He has an English accent (in which he can disguise for an American one).