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George march1

George -aka Caduceus
-Omega-level Doctor

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Bring me your sick and I shall heal them.

George March is a 17 year old mutant with Biological Manipulation. He's chosen the name Caduceus.

George March
George march1
"Doctor" George March
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Alison March (Mother)

Aaron March (Older Brother)

Mike March (Older Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Golden Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'6"
Affiliation Xavier Institute
Powers Biological Manipulation
Weakness Touch the victim and passes out when making people sick
Missions None


George's father died before he was born. He lived with his mother, Alison March, and older brothers, Aaron and Mike. When he was thirteen, his dog, Banks, became sick. While his mom planned to put it down, George kept his dog by his side. His hands began to glow and he could feel the disease. George erased the disease and Banks lived on. A few months later, Alison began experiencing problems at work. George went down to the bank and used his powers to give her boss a heart attack. The man was sent to the hospital and George passed out. When he woke up, he told his mom what he did. She told him to never use his powers like that again. A few days later, George was contacted by Charles Xavier. He left his home in Seattle to attend the Xavier Institute where he still lives now.


George is enthusiastic and outspoken. He sticks to the rules. George loves drinking coffee, reading, and listening to music.


Biological Manipulation: He can heal people, make them ill, and augment the muscles in his own body; i.e.: Super scream, Strength, Leaping...


George has to touch people to heal them. But when he makes someone sick, he falls into a catatonic state in where the more severe the illness, the longer he's out.


  • George loves reading the works of Dr. Henry McCoy.
  • Though he can, he doesn't like to use his powers on himself.
  • He has a complicated relationship with a mutant named Katie, though she refuses to enroll at the school.
  • He secretly likes Glee.
  • He prefers to write letters to e-mail or texts.
  • He still keeps in touch with his family back home and talks to his mom just before he goes to sleep.