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Hayley Larsen

Hayley -aka Sorceress
-The Illusionist

I can show things you've never thought to be real.
Hayley Aline Larsen
Hayley Larsen
"I stopped following rules two years ago."
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Helena Bakker-Larsen (mother)

Adlar Larsen (father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'8"
Affiliation Xavier's Academy
Powers Power of Illusion
Weakness Inability to control other people's powers
Missions None


Hayley Aline Larsen was born to Helena Bakker-Larsen and Adlar Larsen in Monnickendam, The Netherlands on May 29, 1995. Two months after their daughter was born, they moved to the United States; specifically, Los Angeles, California. Hayley had big dreams of becoming a star: she asked her parents to enroll her in dancing, singing and acting lessons, which about everyone her age did as well. Life was normal for the Larsens, but Helena and Adlar felt like their little girl had something in her... something different. Her powers manifested when she was fourteen years old, and everyone else thought it was magic they were seeing, not powers. They were amazed by her abilities, most especially her ability to change her hair color and levitate at the same time. Soon enough, her parents had enough of her tricks, most especially her father, calling her a freak and a demon. They decided to pull her out and send her to a boarding school in the Rockies. During her second Christmas break, however, she didn't return to her parents like the past year. Instead, she ran away to the Xavier Institute, stealing her teacher's Corvette.


Hayley has been very rebellious ever since her parents sent her to the Rockies. She's very intelligent, charming and witty, but she tends to hide it inside because she shows a tough, rebellious exterior and everyone's always known her as a rebel, and she continues to defy rules every day.


Hayley has the powers of illusion. She is able to manipulate how people perceive reality. She can also shapeshift and manipulate her own physical appearance--even being able to change her voice to follow who she is shifted as. She can also fly as high as fifty feet. But, she has a limit: the powers can only be done in less than an hour, for it takes a great deal of energy to do all that. Every year, the time limit increases.


Hayley cannot control other people's powers if ever she shapeshifts into a mutant. For example, if she were to shapeshift into Superman, she may have his voice and appearance but not the ability to fly or super strength.


Hayley is described as a stereotypical Dutch girl: blond hair, grey eyes, pale skin, tall. But when she shapeshifts, it's a different story.


  • Hayley speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and German. She is learning Italian.
  • She has very slight schizoprenia.
  • She is the second mutant in the family. The first was her great-grandfather, Jakob Larsen. He possessed superstrength, but got killed in a forest fire on a hunting trip.