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Shy guy by roymata9

A 17 year old mutant named Sphere.


He was born into a wealthy anti-mutant family. His brother and him would often go on tours with their parents, as his parents gave anti-mutant speaches. When his powers manifested, his parents dissowned him and had him sent to a military school. The only relation he ever had with them again, is the check for his tuition.

At the school he met and befriended Seth Alder. Late one night he witnessed Seth using his mutant powers. He later revealed his own to Seth and the two made plans of working together in teh future.

However one day, a mutant known as Behomoth attacked them. Behomoth had plans of recruiting to a mutant revolution. However, it only ended in a fight and the two friends escaped, however they did destroy much of the school. In order to both be safe, they decided to split up. Three years later, Seth found him and invited him to ome to the Xavier Institute


He as gifted with with ability to tap into the tiniest pieces of matter and harness nuclear energy. He can use this for a varied amount of reasons

  • He can create enrgy fields, that can deflect most projectiles and objects.
  • He can use the energy released to store into a small, destructive spheres.
  • In some instances, he can even release the energy stored in matter, to create explosians


A amount of energy can be stored in the smallest of matter. If he does not focus it, or loses control he can easily kill himself.


He is very secluded and quiet. He prefers a small group of close friends than a large crowd. He opens up to his closer friends. On the battle field he is the opposite. He isn't hesitant to engage with others in any way.