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Luka and Micah

Name: Luka and Micah Traino

Mutant Name: Luka= Heatwave Micah= Frostbite


They grew up knowing that they were mutants and were excited when they first got their powers. Luka came into his powers first. He got angry at his mother when she was yelling at him for pulling a prank, and he blew up the table. His mother and father were so proud. But then one day, Luka and Micah were home alone. Luka was throwing a ball around and it was about to hit his mother's expensive porcelain vase. Micah unknowingly froze the room. He didn't know what happened and was confused. He walked over to Luka and noticed that he was frozen too. Then the room unfrozed. The glass shattered and his brother thought that he just teleported. After he explained to his brother what happened, his parents came home. They told them what happened and his parents were again very proud.


Luka is very energetic. He loves to run and jump and just be wild. He never stops going. He is also not very smart. Micah on the other hand is calm and quiet. He perfers to rewire a computer than to play baseball with the other kids. He is very smart unlike Luka.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Pyrokinesis- He can control and generate fire.
  • Molecular Combustion- He can make objects explode.


  • Cryokinesis- He can control and generate ice.
  • Molecular Immobilization- He can make things freeze (not stopping time but by stopping molecules)


Luka's main weakness is water and ice. He hates it. He can't even stand taking a shower, which is why he sets himself on fire to burn all the dirt and mud off of him. Micah's weakness is fire. Fire burns him faster than fire would a normal person.