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Luke -aka Charge

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Luke Phillip Russel
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Chuck Russel- Father

Helga Russel- Mother (deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Affiliation X-Men
Powers none
Weakness My Father
Missions none

Name: Luke Phillip Russel Mutant Name: Charge

Powers: Elemental Manipulation (Electricity and water)

Gender: Male

Age: 16


I was born to Helga and Chuck Russel on February 4th 1995 in Denver, Colorado. They knew I was a mutant since the day I was born, and luckily, my parents were okay with that.

Even though my parents were okay with me being a mutant, no one else was. A man found out what I was when I was ten, and they sent the MRD after me. My parents tried to hold them off, but my dad had a wrench and they had guns. Unfortunatley, they killed my mother in the fight. Luckily, I was still a mutant.

I was enraged at the MRD and ran out at them. I created a massive wave of salt water at them, and then sent a bolt of electricity through it. Most of them fell to the ground and the others ran away, fearing for my lives. So the MRD didn't come after us again, me and my dad had to move to Bayville.

My dad became a mechanic at the local car dealership. He was happy when mutant customers from the nearby school came to the shop, and he knew he would one day open up a shop of his own. And infact, once the car dealership he worked at colosed, he did.

Several years later, my dad told me I needed to go to the Xavier School so I could learn to control my powers. And now, I'm here.

Personality: I am very kind and generous, just like my father, but I will get furious at someone when they mention my mother.