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Marc DuFrane Mercer
Marc mercer by jobsicon-d4l7avk
OOC: I drew this....
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Davis DuFrane (Father, deceased), Marie Mercer (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Orange
Height 5'7
Affiliation X-men
Powers Vines
Weakness Only has control over Vines
Missions N/A

Marc -aka Vitenus
-The Artistic/Adventurist Vine Master

 – 22:39, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

Um, ah...Bonjour...I'm, uh, Marc...


Marc is a French-Canadian-Lithuanian (A Quarter from his Father, who was half Lithuanian, half French) Child who lived in Montreal, Quebec, close to a forest with overgrown vines. His parents were hardworking cops, His Dad the day shift, his mom the night shift, always placed in the most dangerous of missions, but surviving luckily. he attended one school where english is still taught, equally as french is taught. He also learned a fairly big chunk of lithuanian from his father. He wasn't popular, but had a interest in the arts, and also had a passion for adventure.

On one fateful piano presentation (he was 16 at the time) for some of his friends and family, at his home, his powers emerged. he was at the climax of one song, and some of the vines smashed through the walls and windows, and murdered all of his friends, and his father.

He decided to turn himself in, and coincidently, his mother was at the station. His mother immidiately sent him off to the Xavier Academy in Salem Center, NYC. Also Known As the X-mansion >;). He takes on the name, Vitenus, Vite in Latin meaning Vine.


His personality is of a shy, highly temperamental artistic adventurist, finding peace in meditating on the grass, and takes pride in his works. He loves to go on walks in a park, as it's calming for him. He's a Optimistic person who tries to make your day as much as possible, but has breakdowns every now and then for his accidental murders.


He has Florakinesis, Primarily over Vines, so He can create and control Vines. He is only limited to vine control, making him the weakest florekinectic and a vulnerable target. Cold temperatures and wind also negates his powers significantly.