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Max Wall
Shadow Attack
Important Information
Gender male
Family Dead.
Status alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7"
Affiliation myself
Powers Powers
Weakness Mind readers
Missions none yet


Clinging, Cloning, Advanced Metabolism


He was born to tragedy. Well he was actually born the the Wall family. He had two sister of the age 18 and a brother who was 16. His parents died in a fire when he was 4. His sisters died in a car accident when he was 8. His brother was shot and beat to death when he was 10. But it made him strong and tough. When he turned 12 he had to go on the run because made a clone of himself in public. He was on the run for 3 months when he found Amy. She was a mutant on the run too. She was the same age as Max and they traveled together. She was wanted for walking though a wall into the White House. MRD was reassigned to hunt her because she stole a paper about the vice president killing a woman when he was drunk. They got close and it was two years before the MRD found them. Max was not about to lose someone else. The MRD was only after her and shot him in his right leg. He still followed and used his powers to get her out. They were found again a month later. This time he was beat. He healed for 1 month before he went to find her. He got her out again but this time it was only a week before they were found. They killed her and left him for dead after shooting him in the stomach. He was found by a mutant and was healed in the infirmary.


He likes to stay in the shadows and has a guard up from his past. If you can get past his barriers he is a loving, compassionate, caring, funny, and okay guy.


His weakness is his past. That means mind readers.

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