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Nat -aka Pulse
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'Sup, geeks?
Natalie Silvers
Sonic Energy Absorber
Punk DJ
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Damion Silvers (Father)

Todd Silvers (Brother)

Mina Silvers (Sister-in-law)

Regina Silvers (Step-mother)

Daniel and Samuel Silvers (Half-Brothers)

Jayne Corkrin (Mother)

Status Alive, 17
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde - turns bright shades of blue and purple when she absorbs sonic energy or is near it
Height 5'9"
Affiliation X-Men

Xavier Institute for Gifted Children

Powers She can absorb, see, store, recycle and channel sonic energy; she can fly; she can release sonar waves like dolphins
Weakness Silence; she cannot live without sonic energy to keep her going
Missions None


Natalie, codename "Shockwave", was born in Whitefish, Montana. She grew up with her older brother Todd and her younger twin brothers, Samuel and Daniel. Todd was a mutant with the ability to fly because he had shadowy wings on his back. Danny's powers started to show up when he would randomly disappear and then reappear because his mutant power was that he could make anything he wanted, turn invisible as if it was never there. Sam's powers never sprung up so he is thought to be normal. She travelled to the Xavier Institute when she was 11 but was sent away because her powers hadn't matured into even the ability to use them. When she accidentally blew up half a bar building during a DJing gig, she was accepted into the institute along with Danny.


Natalie's mutant powers are similar to those of Havok and Sage because she can create energy forcefields, blasts and radar pulses, except she makes them from the sonic waves from music and not the sun. As for the link between her powers and Sage's powers, Natalie can create a DJ board with her forcefields which allows her to amplify her powers, a little.
  • She can create forcefields of energy
  • Explosions of energy
  • She can harness raw sonic energy
  • When sonic energy is released, this is it's form
  • Another forcefield

Natalie's iPod


Natalie has long blonde hair with a dyed blue streak. She has pale skin and freckles on her face. She is 5' 9" and weighs about 140 pounds. She has neon blue eyes which glow neon blue when she uses her powers. But one of the things that gives her away as a mutant, is that her hair changes colour to the amount of sonic energy she absorbes.

Personality Natalie is very smart in the factual and quick-witted sense. She likes almost every type of music but mostly techno, rock and alternative and also some jazz standards.


  • Her nickname is "Nat"
  • She has a boyfriend, Jason Keller, back home. Jason is a telepath and telekinetic.
  • She can play piano and is also a DJ.
  • Her older brother is a mutant and works for SHIELD.