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Nick -aka Spider X
-The Second Spiderman

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I'm Spideys kid
Nick Parker
yah know spidey?I'm his kid-Nick
Spider X
The second spiderman
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Peter Parker-Dad
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'0"
Affiliation X-men
Powers Web Projection,Sensing,Strength
Weakness Water, Sonic waves
Missions none

Nick Parker A.k.a Spider X is a 15 year old mutant


He was born in New York to Peter Parker.Early in his life he experienced Mutant abilities.He trained with his dad for a long time but couldnt get his powers quite right.Eventually He got to middle school and didnt enjoy it much he was picked on allot and bullied.His dad told him to not use his powers in public because it could attract allot of attention.Many times he came close to revealing his powers but always managed to keep them under controls.Eventually he got to high school and things got even worst.He was tossed aside for being "weak".Eventually he couldnt handle it anymore and activated his powers.People started calling him a mutant and running.He ran back home when they called 911 and his dad quickly sent him to Xavier's institute.


  1. Web Projection-Can shoot webs out of his hands
  2. Super Strength-Can pick up objects of major weight
  3. Sensing-Can sense when other people are coming


  1. Water-Can disintegrate his webs
  2. Sonic Waves-Can disrupt his sensing






  • His X-men armor has a spider symbol on the back
  • He is fairly good with his powers since he knew about them so long
  • His powers will turn on if he's enraged so be careful around him