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Dr.Nikki Abaje
Resident Physician
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Nikki grew up in Los Angeles with her mother Elena. She never knew her father, she only knew he was a Hawaiian mutant extremist who referred to himself as "Stratus". She grew up normally. She was rather popular at her high school with both the students and faculty for her volunteering at school and her beauty and friendliness. She discovered her powers at 16, when she was in the car with her friend when there was an accident. Reacting on instnct, Nikki flew out the sunroof of the car. Due to the severity of the accident, no one seemed to have noticed. She then ran over to her friend and saw her severely injured. Crying heavily and wanting to help her friend, she unknowing used her powers to heal her. Again, with everything happening so fast, no one seemed to notice. At least, almost no one.

One day while at an assembly, sentinels attacked, looking for her and a few other mutants. After barely escaping, she came to the Xavier institute. She then studied there and eventually graduated. She then continued to attend NYU where she studied nursing and eventually went on to medical school and got hee degree and became a licenced physician. When contacted by one of her old classmates, Az Jacobs about a job as the school's resident physican she gladly accepted, eager to come back to the place she called home, and is now employed by the institute.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born January 21
Family Stratus (father, unknown)
Elena Abaje (mother)
Status Alive, 23
Eye Colour violet
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'1
Affiliation X-Men
Weapons Her powers
Home Xavier Institute,New York
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -



Nikki is headstrong and confident. Softspoken and Mild-mannered. Very loving and caring for her friends. Strong willed and is hesitant to let others sway her. She is described as being charming and surprisingly good with people, and also very outgoing and bublly on occasion. She is extremely flirty, and is not shy around someone she has taken an interest in. Strong sense of Justice and hates disrespectful people.



Nikki is a 23 year old Indian/Hawaiian female. She has long dark hair. She has violet eyes that glow when she's angry. She is described as being tall, slender,and curvy. She is described as being attractive. She has a tattoo of angel wings on her back.

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Vitakinesis-The ability to heal wounds and bodily afflictions (poisoning, brain damage, etc), as well as cause bodily afflictions, (General pain, organ failure, etc.) .



Radioactive materials- Her vitakinesis powers powers have less effect on people who have radioactive materials on their person or in their body.



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