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Pan -aka Pandora
-The Absorber

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I like this place lots of nice people an arena
Pan Fyre
I'll use your powers against you-Pan
The Absorber
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Red
Height 5'11"
Affiliation X-men
Powers Absorption
Weakness Too much stored power
Missions none

Pan Fyre A.k.a Pandora is a 14 year old mutant


He was born in Greece to an American Dad and a Greek Mom.When he turned 5 they went to America to see his Grandma's funereal.They stayed for a month longer then decided they liked the neighborhood and moved into his Grandparent's house.His Grandpa was happy they moved in and gave them his dad's old bedroom and the guest bedroom for pan.Years past and his Grandfather died as well.By that time nick was 13 and his dad was sending him to summer camp.But at summer camp Pan was an outsider.He never talked to any kids and sat in a distance during campfires.After 2 months he moved closer to the campfire and started getting more social.One day he went to the computer room because they were given mythology assignments to get ready for school.Pan got a mythology assignment on Pandora's Box and what it was used for.He liked the history of Pandora's box and made a full exam on it.Then kid's started to tease him because he was looking up things about Pandora and her box.They started calling him Pandora because it had "Pan" in it.At first he didn't mind or care much but after a while it started to get on his nerves.At the last Campfire of the year they made a cruel joke about him and he completely lost it.The fire seemed to pull towards him and then he accidentally adsorbed it's energy revealing he was a mutant.Everyone ran and the head councilor called the police.Pan wouldn't take it though and ran off.He wasn't heard from for a year before police finally found him.Though over this time he trained his powers and used it against them.A year on the run and he was finally contacted from the X-Men.


He has the ability to absorb other peoples powers or other surrounding elemental energy(Fire Earth Water Wind)


Having too much energy or being enraged.Both can flaw his tactics


Jade Martinez

Mozart Mane




  • Is RIght handed
  • Knows how to use a gun
  • Still has a treehouse in the woods he lived in
  • Learned how to cooK on his own