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The head of Xavier Institute.



Phillip grew up in the steeets of detriot. Due to his powers he was subject to bullying from other kids and abused by his parents. to further humilate him. His parents forced several tatooes to be put upon his body as a constant reminder to his difference. When he turned thirteen, he had anger jsut waiting to be released in him. When his father came for hisdaily beating, Phillip killed him with his powers. He fled the scene quickly and ran. Eventually, he found the Xavier Institute.

The teachers there took him in and taught him ho to use his powers for a good causes. By the age of sixteen he was overcome by grief for his actions years earlier, and decided to turn himself in. When he was released he returned and served as an X-men for many years. When the school closed, he went to college and got a teaching degree in psychology, and history. He later returned to the school and started it up again.


His element reflects his personality. He is very kind and loving and tries to be a father figure to his students.


He has photo-kinesis. That includes manipulating light and materilizing it. He also can sense the emotions of people.