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This is a basic guide to the powers on the wiki and the characters that use them. You can reference this when creating a character, as it gives a basic definition of the power and which characters have the power you or their power is an aspect of the power are looking at. If you know of a power that you would like added please contact and don't worry I will add your characters to the catagories. Hit me with your best shot 00:30, November 24, 2011 (UTC)


  • Absorbtion-The ability to absorb energies, knowledge, memories, mortality and powers
  • Acid Generation- Secretion of toxins and posions through ones skin
  • Adaptation- The ability to evolve and mutate to an environment
  • Advanced Combat- The ability to fight using any form of combat
  • Advanced Metabolism- The ability to cause injuries to heal quickly^
  • Advanced Senses- Senses are heightened in some form.
  • Aerokinesis/Aerogenism- The ability to control/generate wind and air
  • Agility- The ability make oneself more agile by augmenting ones reflexes^
  • Animalistic Partnership- The ability to form a relationship within a species of animal
  • Animation- The ability to cause inanimate objects to come to life
  • Astral Projection- The ability to send one's mind or soul onto an astral plane or somewhere else on the physical plane
  • Atmokinesis- The ability to control the weather, aka Weather manipulation.
    • Users
  • Audiokenisis- The ability to control sound and sonic energy
  • Augementation-The ability to enhance other powers


  • Biokinesis-The ability to control aspects of life
  • Bone Manipulation- The ability to control your own skeletal stucture


  • Camoflouge- The ability to change your appearance to match the color and texture of your surrounding
  • Celerity- The ability to move at hyper speed
  • Chronokinesis- The ability to control time
  • Clairvoyance- The ability to percieve events currently happening in other locations
  • Clinging- The ability to adhese to solid surfaces
  • Cloning- The ability to create exact replicas of oneself
  • Comet Form: The ability to achieve a form in which speed, strength, agility, and senses all increase
  • Cryokinesis/Cryogenism- The ability to create/control ice
  • Crystallization-The ability to crystalize matter at a molecular level
  • Crystal Manipulation- To control things that have a crystalline structure, off shoot of geokinesis.


  • Deflection-The ability to deflect projectile attacks
    • Users
  • Divination- The ability to predict past, present or future events
  • Dragon Form- The ability to shapeshift into a dragon




  • Geokinesis-The ability to control earth and rock


  • Healing- The ability to heal oneself from injuries
  • Holograms- The ability to create holographic images
    • Users
  • Hydrokenisis-The ability to control water and liquids

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  • Illusion Casting- The ability to create illusions
  • Immortality- The ability to have extended life
    • Users
  • Immunity- The ability to become immune to sickness and poison
    • Users
  • Intangibility- The ability to pass through solid objects. aka Phasing
  • Invisibility- The ability to become unseen




  • Knowledge Absorbtion-The ability to absorb anothers knowledge or memories, minor form of telepathy


  • Levitation- The ability to rise above the ground a few feet
  • Life Draining- The ability to absorb someones life force (can not kill)


  • Matter Transformation- The ability to shift oneself between the three states of matter
    • Users-
  • Memory Manipulation- The ability to control memories
  • Mimicry-The ability to copy another mutants power
  • Molecular Manipulation- The ability to control matter at an atomic level
      • Subcatagories of this power
        • Combustion- Causing molecules to speed up to the point of explosion
        • Immobilization- Slowing down molecules to the point of standstill
        • Acceleration- Speeding of molecules causing melting or burning
        • Decelleration- Causing molecules to slow down
        • Inhibition- Causing an objects molecules to turn to ice
        • Crystalization- Turning molecules into crystal
        • Dispersion- Causing molecules to spread out
        • Construction- Causing molecules to come together
        • Teleportation- Causing ones molecules to disperse then contruct in another place.
        • Distortion- Causing the distortion of ones molecules allowing them to phase
        • Solidification- The ability to make an object more dense


  • Nanite Control- The ability to control miniature drone like machines(form of technopathy)
  • Necromancing- The ability to control the dead
    • Users
  • Negation- The ability to make negate other mutant's powers


  • Omniolingualism- The ability to speak and understand any language, including animalistic or alien
  • Organic Material Forms- The ability to turn into another material and retain all natural movements and reflexes


  • Pathokinesis- The ability to control someone's emotions (minor form of empathy)
  • Petrification- The ability to turn someone to stone
  • Photokinesis- The ability to generate and contol light
  • Physical Attributes- Mutants that have physical changes to their bodies(I.E Wings, Prehensile Tail)
  • Possesion-The ability to control or watch someone by entering their mind
  • Power Manipulation-The power to control mutant powers
  • Premonition- The ability to see images of future events
  • Psychic Seduction- The ability to influence or convince people to do something
  • Pyrokenisis/Pyrogenism- The ability to control and create fire and flames
  • Pyrotechnics- The ability to generate firework like lights
    • Users


  • Quill Generation- The ability to generate quills from the body sometimes can be used as projectile weapons
    • Users


  • Rage Projection-The ability to amplify anger and rage
  • Reality Warping- The ability to change aspects of reality(Minor Forms only)
    • Users
  • Reality Warping Immunity- The ability to withstand changes caused by reality warping.
    • Users
  • Regeneration-The ability to heal from extreme injuries or limb loss
    • Users
  • Retrocognition-The ability to percieve past events


  • Sand Manipulation- The ability to control sand
  • Sensing-The ability to locate people
    • Users
  • Shape-Shifting- The ability to transform your physical appearance
  • Shrinking- The ability make oneself smaller
    • Users
  • Sonic Scream- The ability to generate a scream that causes a vibration in molecules causing objects to shatter
  • Spell-Casting- The ability to change minor aspects of reality through the manipulation of magic
    • Users
  • Super Strength- The ability to move or lift objects that have an extreme weight to them


  • Tactile Hypnosis- The abiltiy to put someone in a trance through physical contact
    • Users
  • Technopathy-The ability to control technology
  • Telekinesis- The ability to move objects and people with one's mind
  • Telepathy- The ability to read and influence someone elses mind
  • Teleportation- The ability to go from one point to another instantaneously
  • Temporal Stasis- The ability to cause time and actions to stop completely
  • Thermokinesis- The ability to control temperature(Minor form of Cryokinesis, or Pyrokinesis)
  • Thought Projection- The ability to make images come to life
  • Time Traveling- The ability to travel through time and space
  • Truth Detection- The ability to tell when someone is lieing
  • Truth Force- The abiltity to force someone to tell the truth


  • Umbrakinesis- The ability to control shadows and darkness


  • Vitakinesis- The ability to cause or heal any natural affliciton of the body (Minor form of Biokinesis)
  • Vocal Projection- The ability to project one's voice to another location
    • Users
  • Voice Manipulation- The ability to change ones voice


  • Web Projection- The ability to create webs
    • Users


  • X-ray Vision- The ability to see through solid objects
    • Users




^- General power only needs to be posted in extreme form(I.E. Instant healing from bullet wounds)