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Cale Harrison
Cale-roleplay pic
Literature Teacher
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Father (alive;name unknown)

Mother (alive;name unknown)

Status Alive; 28
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'11"
Affiliation Self
Powers Celerity; Knowledge absorbtion
Weakness see powers and weaknesses
Missions none


Cale was born in New York, NY. He was sent to a crowded, crummy public school, P.S. 127. He was pretty normal and fit in well. When he was bullied, it wasn't about his mutant ability. Someone wrote "Gingers have no souls" on his locker in sharpie, and some people called him a pansy for liking poetry and called him a bookworm. He didn't care. Later, in middle school, he joined the track team, where he was disqualified at the chamionship track meet because the other coach accused him of cheating. Once again, he didn't care. Then, he moved out to Erie county. He lived in a big mansion, where his parents worked as chefs. They stayed a large basement area for the staff. there were large, two family apartment, where Cale shared a room with Nicholas Rowe. Nicholas was a telepath, one night they got into bed and Nick said, "I know your a mutant you know." Cale looked surprised. "Okay, don't tell anyone though, our parents could all get fired." is all he said that night. One day, Cale was in the garden, reading and a tall girl came up to him. She looked into his eyes coldly. "I heard you across the hall. Your one of those freaks aren't you. Well the person employing your parents doesn't like your kind. Why shouldn't I tell him?" she said in the coldest tone. "Because," He answered, "You're one too." she looked shocked asking how he knew. He said he didn't and tricked her into revealing her secret. But another person heard them and they had to move again. The moved back to New york, NY.He went to an artsy college in grenich village. Some years later, a doctor who found told him about the institute. He applied for a job.


He is quiet and thoughtful with a good natured disposition.

Powers and weaknessesEdit


  • Celerity
  • Knowledge absorbtion


  • If he runs on certain surfaces,(cobblestone, gravel) he cannot go into hyper speed