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Randall Keith
Hydro Master
Important Information
Gender Male
Family parents
Status alive
Eye Color brown
Hair Color blonde
Height 6'0"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers water
Weakness Extreme heat and/or Dehydration


He is extremely practical, and likes pulling of pranks. He is very funny, but is very serious when facing danger


Randall was born in Miami, Florida. He was one of the popular kids in school, and the main quarterback in the High School football team. but at the pep rally before the final game of the season a couple of years back, he started to feel dizzy, and drank enormous amounts of water. Suddenly the gym flooded, and randall passed out. The next moring when he woke up, he was in his bed. His mom explained to him what had happened and that he might be a mutant, but that she enrolled him in the Xavier instutute to be sure. When his powers were confirmed, he took up the name of HydroGen.


  • Can make and control water
  • Can form differet shapes out of water
  • Can form and reform into and from water
  • Can turn different parts of his body into water