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Ronald -aka Stalker

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Ronald Stewart
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Dad-Bradley Stewart

Mom-Domitille Stewart

Status Alive,21
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 6'7"
Affiliation X-men
Powers superhuman sight,hearing,and has wings
Weakness Sonic sounds and Extreme lights
Missions None


I was born in London. My father is a geneticist and when he saw my dark skin he knew something was wrong in my genetic's. My dad is a pure brit, and my mom is french. So He ran some tests, and found the mutant gene. He and my mom conversed and decided that they would put me in school, and when the wings began to appear, they would pull me, and homeschool me. It was a good plan in thought, but not in execution. When I was about 14, in school, i passed out. I was rushed to the nurses office and on the way, his wing's sprouted. It was very bloody and my teacher passed out due to the sight of all that blood. The nurse called 999 and I was rushed to a hospital. When the gene thing was explained to him the doctor, said I was fine except for the fact the i lost a lot of blood. they gave me a transfusion and sent me home. I was home schooled after that. It was hard to adjust to having the wings and it made me mad. When my super sight developed i was blind for a week while my eyes adjusted. And For months, even a small noise would bother me. This made mr stick to himself and i became a unfriendly character. I ran away when he 17, and i became a bounty hunter. At first I just found people ans captured them, but eventually I started killing too. I was hired one day to kill the queen. After some haggling i set off. I was about to land on her palace, when i was stopped by the X-men. We fought for a while, until i ran off. When i blew the job killing the queen, my reputation was trashed. I was turned in by a former client and stayed in prison for a week. Then Prof. X came. He said he could make a deal with me. He would "convince" the judge that i was innocent if he would come to the school and stop being a bounty hunter. I reluctantly agreed, as my sentience would of been a life sentence.


I Have twin Katanas that i bought in Canada after i killed the prime minster's top bodyguards.


I have Huge black wings that grow out of my back. I also have superhuman hearing and sight.


  • Me Now
  • Me in my days as a Bounty Hunter
  • The First time Scotland yard got a look at me.