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Dragoon is a mutant with the ability to shapeshift into a humanoid dragon.
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When he was 13 his powers began manifesting. He got into a fight with a fellow student and ended up lighting the school on fire and giving the kids scars. His parents then decided to send him to a military school for safety.

At the school, he met Jonathon Frale wo he befriended. One night Jonathon found out about Seth's Powers. He later found out that Jonathon too, was a mutant. The two made plans of being superheroes in the future.

However, a mutant by the name of Behomoth attacked the school. He attempted to recruit Jonathon and Seth in a mutant revolution. When Seth refused, he attacked. With their powers they were able to hold him back and escape. The two friends then seperated.

Later, Behomoth found Seth again taunting hi with the corpses of his parents. Seth then tried to fight him off by himself, but ended up severely wounded. Then an X-men showed up and fended Behomoth off. He then brought Seth to the Xavier Institute. Years later Seth would invite Jonathon to come to the institute as well


Very friendly and outgoing. He likes to scare people with his dragon appearance wwhen he is in a good mood. He is very loyal to his friends and has no patience for anyone that insults them.


His dragon form offers him a cariety of powers

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  • The ability to breathe fire
  • The ability to fly due to his wings
  • Very agile and quick
  • His skin is very rough and offers protection against most things
  • His claws are very sharp
  • He has fighting skills like Sabertooth's