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Steven Wells
Sonic Boom
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Kenny and Maria Wells(Parents)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'11"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Run at the fast speeds, Clap makes a sonic boom, and my Scream makes a Sonic Boom.
Weakness When he uses his powers to much he begans to weaken and slow down. Also he cant tell where he gos when running.
Missions ~


He is Nice, Generous, Funny, Weird in a Hilarious way, and Smart. Will beat you up if he has to. He will do any charity he can. He always does his best on everything.


My parents, Kenny and Maria Wells, say I was born a beautiful child, with blue eyes and blond hair on Sept. 25 1995 in New York, NY. I grew up with my mom telling me about the special people, and how she was special and I was to. When I was 1, I started to notice changes. I would get bad headaches and I would go from one place to another with everything blurring by me. Also when i would yell or scream the windows and glasses would crack or even break. It was wierd. I wasn't the only wierd one in the family. My Mom was a mutant, she could scream a high frequencies.She told me she knew i was special. I then got a visit by some people who said they were like me. They were mutants to. They told me about a schoolm I could go to to learn how to control my powers. I took the offer and came to Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. I love it here very much. I am learning to cope and deal with who I am.


His clap makes a sonic boom, and his scream makes a Sonic Boom. He can run at a fast speed.


When he uses his powers to much he begans to weaken and slow down. Also he can't tell where he gos when running.


He is 5'11", blond hair, and blue eyes. He has a medium build.