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Thomas Lock
Any questions?Just ask-Thomas
The Machine Master
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Dad(Unknown)Mom(Deceased,Unknown)
Status Alive
Eye Color Change based on surrounding light
Hair Color Changes based on surrounding colors
Height 5,11"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Nanite Control,Technopathy
Weakness Distracting him while using Technopathy,Attacking his blind area
Missions none

Thomas -aka Nanomech
-The Machine Master

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Hello I'm the mechanic around here

Thomas A.k.a Nanomech is a 14 year old mutant


He was born in Oklahoma.When he turned 3 his mom died in a car accident and he was left with just his dad,His dad didnt know how to take care of a boy by himself so he hired a babysitter to help him.The babysitter became a part time teacher for Thomas and by the time Thomas got to 3rd grade he was already 2 grades past his level so he went to 5th grade early.He was obviously picked on for being small and young and he always went home bruised up.He was about 12 when he went to 8th grade.By then he studied real hard and started to get 11th grade levels on his work.The next year he went to 11th grade at age 13.1 years later he went to his last yaer of high school and discovered his powers.One day he went to the computer and all the computers started acting up when he went in.He was really surprised and tried to fix them all,But just touching them seemed to help.Eventually one of his teachers came in and saw the computers acting up.She looked at Thomas because he was the only one in the room.He then started running out of the school.Surprised by his new powers he ran off too a nearby town and lived on the streets there.About a month later the X-men contacted him and he went to the institute.


He can control Nanites and other forms of technology


When someone distracts him while using Technopathy for that can cause the machine to malfunction.When someone attacks him close up because he would be too distracted on his powers to notice his surroundings






  • He can find cheats for video games real quick.Even if he has to make them
  • He can blay the Bass Guitar
  • He can also play Snare Drums
  • He knows Tai Kwon Do
  • He can hack any database or computer system
  • He programed a little robot that he keeps in his dorm