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Thresher Jones -aka Crusher

 – half warrior half human

This new time period lacks teleportation portals and has diseases?

Full Name: Thresher ‘Thresh’ Jones

Mutant Name: Crusher

Age: 18 (unofficially)

Family: Jacob and Linda Jones (both deceased)

Relationships: Scarlette Ward (girlfriend) History: Thresher was born on March 3, 2093, estimate two hundred years in the future. His parents were killed in a spontaneous mine accident when he was only seven years old. Thresh went to live with his aunt and uncle on the other side of the continent. Thresher’s Powers started growing soon after, and he developed the skill of super enhanced strength. Everyone was amazed by the glorious help thresh was around the city. Sooner rather than later, he had caught the attention of Geoff, a teenage boy his age with the same power as thresh. At first, he pretended to be his best friend, but later planted a bomb in his home. He saved his aunt and uncle, but in the process had partially blown off part of his body. For the next year, they did treatments and surgery’s but in the end, left thresh alone to die on the street. His Uncle, after Thresh’s aunt died, found him and helped him recover slowly. The parts of him that was left, (which was only an arm, a leg, and a well minded brain) was fully in tact. His uncle did everything in his power to create a full flexed suit to ‘host’ what was left of Thresh. Thresh learned he could use his power, along with his new gigantic robot body. It was fully equipped with missiles, gadgets, and a force field. After a few more adjustments, Thresh and his uncle settled down in their new life. Half a year ago, a girl named Scarlette Ward came from the past, for those were here mutant powers. She took a liking in Thresh and the two began dating. Scarlette took Thresh back to the institute in the year 2011, where they now both remain. Super enhanced strength: Can bench over 4,000 pounds and pull a large train into place.

Natural Abilities

Combat: advanced combat skills including martial arts, kung fu, and karate.


Thresher used to have darkly tanned skin, blue eyes, and black hair. He was firmly built, with a height of 6’3.

Now, with his body partially blown off, his appearance is a samurai-type robot. Thresh has a black, red, and grey suit, with a gigantic padding on his right arm, marking where it was blown off. Thresh’s face is completely normal, but he likes to hide it sometimes under a black and grey helmet. His height is 7’5.


He is very kind and loving towards others, but can be very stubborn sometimes when it gets to hurting his friends. Overall, he tries to make the best of everything and won’t give up on anything.


Thresh’s main weaknesses are when somebody either turns his main power switch off (which is nearly impossible) or overrides his system.