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Tomas 'Tom' Martin
Tomas Martin.2
Quick Draw
Important Information
Gender Male
Family parents
Status alive
Eye Color Browny/Grey
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Height 5'8"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Pen
Weakness Weakness
Missions N/A
Tomas 'Tom' Martin is a 14 1/2 year old mutant with the ability to control drawings. He is a bit of a weedy teenager so he isn't very good at physical fighting but can if nescisary. He always has a notepad and pencil/pen somewhere on his person. His mutant name is Quick Draw


Timid, Depressed, Calm and Good at using his power


Tomas and his parent's moved from Scotland to America a few month before his 12th birthday. Tom never knew he had these powers until 1 week before his 13th birthday. He was sitting at home, after having an argument with his father, drew a dragon and it came to life. (It was missing a tail) He instantly lost consentration with fright. Tom's parents were not so much scared, more woried that he could misuse his powers and possibly hurt other people or himeself. His parents got in contact with the Xavier Institute, and they had a meeting with a reprasentative from the school. He demonstrated his powers. Tomas was whisked away to Xaviers Institute. He is now 14 1/2.



To be able to make what he draw become real and under his control but only if he focuses. The larger the creature/object the more power it drains, this mean something like an elephant will drain large amounts of energy but not tonnes however a blue whale for example can only be sustained for a few seconds. Tom can also draw realistic picture really quickly.


He is timid so doesn't like to do stuff to OTT. He also has to consentrate to use his powers



  • Tom's Fountain Pen
  • Tom's 100 year old notepad
  • Tom's I-pod in it's blue cover
Tomas' notepad belonged to his great-grandmother making it over 100 years old. Despite this the book is very resilliant and still in use.

Fountain PenEdit

Tom also has a fountain pen that was a present from his mother, It is his main writing utensil and the main way he channels his power. His mother gave it to him on his 12th birthday after he discovered his powers.


Tom has an I-pod. It's nothing special, pretty bog standard. It is what he uses to get his insperation. It has a blue cover and is very normal.


  • Can speak 3 languages
  1. English (duh)
  2. Gealic
  3. German
  • Still has a pure Scottish accent even after living in america for 2 years
  • Is the first known mutant to have his powers
  • Is the first known mutant in his family