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Will Owens
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Anna Owens (mother)

Steven Owens (father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Silver/Gray
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1"
Affiliation Self
Powers Aerokinesis
Weakness Heat
Missions None yet




Will is outgoing, funny, loud and friendly. But, Will can tend to but heads with the less friendly or violent type.


Will was born late December, in the western-most New york, to Anna and Steven Owens, Anna, the sister of mutant and is probably the carrier for Will. When he was three, his powers began coming in uncontrollably. In school one day, Miss Gina passed out coloring books and crayons. Will coughed and the coloring books pages all blew into a pile in the corner. Little Sophie cried. Will apologized many times but she was heartless. By first grade, things settled down, with one exception, at recess, a freak hailstorm came and there seemed to be a forcefield around him, which was really air repelling the hail. He let everyone under except, Sean, one particular nuisance. Next week, after the hail had passed, Sean threw a punch at him and just like that a wind strong enough to lift seven men took him seventeen miles north. Sean was found a month later and sent back to school, where he "got even" with Will until they when to middle school and Sean moved away. It was eigth grade when Will and Sophie crossed paths again. They began going out together. One night they went to a movie, and the manager new somehow, unbenounced to him, that Will was mutant. He said he refused service to "corrupt mutants" and that he should stay away from Sophie. Will refused to go, saying he wasn't harming anyone, even Sophie protested, but two burly security guards through Will out. And for the first time, his parents discovered he was a mutant. So, Anna called her brother and asked him what to do, and he told her about the institute. Steven rejected the idea. Years went by and when Will turned eighteen, Anna's brother called and said he would be going to the institute and requested Will come and finally, Steven agreed. So Will's uncle, Jim, drove him up to the institute. But Jim decided, Will should not have him there and turned to go home.


If he is overheated, he is powerless