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Xavier Institute (As shown in the movie).

As you stand at the front entrance, you see towers towering tens of feet feet above you. You look around and see many towers and turrets, which makes this place look like a place of superb magnificence. There are lots of windows and some people stare out of them at you. You know why you've come here. You are a mutant. You have come here to train and train in a safe place, here at Xavier Institute. There is a plaque on a few bricks saying, "Mutatis Mutandis." but you have no idea what it means. Anyway, a mutant comes out to greet you and you follow him. As the two of you walk into the
Institute, you are awed at the size of the place and how elegant it looks. The mutant stops at a room and gestures to you to go in. He tells you that you need to be enrolled first and tells you to go here: