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Zeke Strano
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mark and Stephanie Strano
Status alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1"
Affiliation Xavier School
Powers Bone blades
Weakness See weaknesses
Missions None


He was once a proud athlete, but now just keeps to himself. He friendly enough and kind, but tends to stay by himself.


Zeke was born in Tampa Bay, Florida to Mark and Stephanie Strano. They were a loving family. At an early age, Zeke display a few of his phenomenal power. He was able to walk much early then many other children. When he was eleven, his parents signed him up for track at his school. Zeke ran faster than all of the kids in his league. Later on he started doing weights and was doing weights more than anyone thought he could do. Everyone was surprised by they just thought he had a natural talent. He continued to run for four years, wining all the meets, setting record times, and pumping so serious iron. But one stormy, ghoulish night, Zeke experienced a terrible nightmare and his body reacted horrifyingly to it. When he snapped of his dream, He found his room completely trash and that bone blade were growing out of his body. When he parents rushed in to the room, they were distraught at the sight. Out of fear and confusion, Zeke jumps out his second-story window and hi the ground running. He ran for hours, not sure what to do. After that he lived on the streets alone for two year, he was caught trying to steal for a store. He ran as away from the police at an incredibly speed, but when he rounded a corner, he was pulled in to an alley. It turned out to be blue skinned guy who said he could help him with his powers. Zeke just got angry and thrusted a bone blade at him. He teleported behind him and pinned him to the ground and put Zeke on the ground in an instant. After letting him go he said he was Christo Wiess and that he was also a mutant. He took Zeke to the Xavier School for Mutant to control his powers.


He’s 6’1”, fairly well built with brown wavy hair, and tanned skin


He as the ability to morph and bone mass to make blades and armor. He can also run and has strength beyond that of a normal human. though they are not have superior as others, he is definately faster and stronger.


He is weak against corresize and decomposing power, for he main weapon and defense is made of a natural material. He is also vulenrable to some elemntals and telekintics because he is on;y CQC and can be hit from a far and not be abe to do much.